ComPWA repository policy


ComPWA repository policy#

This repository sets policies for repositories of the ComPWA organization. The policies are enforced through pre-commit with the use of a number of pre-commit hooks as defined by .pre-commit-hooks.yaml. The check-dev-files in particular can be used as a cookie cutter for new repositories.


Add a .pre-commit-config.yaml file to your repository and list which hooks you want to use:

  - repo:
    rev: ""
      - id: check-dev-files
          - --repo-name="short name for your repository"
      - id: colab-toc-visible
      - id: fix-nbformat-version
      - id: set-nb-cells

and install and activate pre-commit as follows:

pip install pre-commit
pre-commit autoupdate --repo=
pre-commit install

The ComPWA/policy repository provides the following hooks: