[ADR-000] Use ADRs#

Status: accepted

Deciders: @redeboer, @spflueger

Technical story: A large number of issues in the expertsystem are correlated (e.g. ComPWA/expertsystem#40, ComPWA/expertsystem#44, ComPWA/expertsystem#22) so that resulting PRs (in this case, ComPWA/expertsystem#42) lacked direction. This led us to consider ADRs.

Context and Problem Statement#

We want to record architectural decisions made in this project. Which format and structure should these records follow?

Considered Options#

Decision Outcome#

Chosen option: “MADR 2.1.2”, because

  • Implicit assumptions should be made explicit. Design documentation is important to enable people understanding the decisions later on. See also A rational design process: How and why to fake it.

  • The MADR format is lean and fits our development style.

  • The MADR structure is comprehensible and facilitates usage & maintenance.

  • The MADR project is vivid.

  • Version 2.1.2 is the latest one available when starting to document ADRs.